Rivers: Form, Function and Management (ENVRSCI275)
Rivers 275 examines the fundamentals of river geomorphology and ecology. These fundamentals are applied to river management issues, including water resources (water supply, flood control), the consequences of land uses (mining, agriculture, forestry and urbanization) and the restoration of key ecosystem attributes. This course has a required whitewater rafting trip. This course is not a river mechanics or river hydraulics class; rather, the class stresses the patterns and process of river form and river function. 

Water and Earth (GEO315)
Water sustains life, so it is imperative we understand the processes that drive the water cycle, and the patterns they produce. This course, Water and the Earth, is designed to introduce students to the Earth’s water cycle and water resources management. It considers atmospheric, surface, biological and groundwater processes.

Stream Ecology (ENVRSCI 430/530)
Streams provide vital ecosystem services to societies. While biological diversity has played a key role in understanding streams, scientists now build an understanding of streams through an ecosystem perspective, i.e. by quantifying ecosystem processes such as hydrodynamics and energy fluxes. Stream Ecology takes an in depth look into the physical and biological processes of streams. The course reviews key topics, discusses current research and builds an integrated understanding of stream ecosystems. The instructor introduces each course topic with a lecture and then current papers are discussed in a student-led discussion format. 

River Forum (ENVRSCI 592)
The River Forum focus on particular “hot topics”. This seminar is not offer year but only as interested students and faculty coalesce. This seminar course provides an opportunity for students to exchange ideas through discussion of papers and ideas. River Forum is a 1-2-credit graded course.

Fall 2014 - Stream Metabolism
Fall 2016 - Monster Trucks in Ecology (i.e. big theories in ecology through the big names in ecology)


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