How To Apply

Email me...

If you are interested in working in the Fremier Lab please send me an email: (make sure to use the @).

Please send a CV or resume, and a cover letter explaining your research interests and future directions. In your cover letter please explain your specific research goals; preferably, tell me some details regarding what you want to study (not just vegetation, but some specific thread of research) so I have an idea of what you want to study and the skills you hope to learn.

Advice for potential graduate students...

It helps for you to contact a professor first to get their support for your application. Also, the professor can help you get money to support your research. Contacting me early in the process will help with trying to secure money for your studies.

For international students, if you want to study in the US and have a fear of working in an all USA lab, don't worry because I do too. I enjoy working in a dynamic, international environment and encourage motivated, independent people of all sorts to apply.


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