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New paper just out: Five ways to support interdisciplinary work before tenure

Benson, M.H., Lippitt, C.D., Morrison, R., Cosens, B., Boll, J., Chaffin, B.C., Fremier, A.K., Heinse, R., Kauneckis, D., Link, T.E., Scruggs, C.E., Stone, M., Valentin, V. 2015. Five ways to support interdisciplinary work before tenure. Journal of Environmental Studies and Science
       Academic institutions often claim to promote interdisciplinary teaching and research. Prescriptions for successfully engaging in interdisciplinary efforts, however, are usually directed at the individuals doing the work rather than the institutions evaluating them for the purpose of tenure and promotion. Where institutional recommendations do exist, they are often general in nature and lacking concrete guidance. Here, we draw on our experiences as students and faculty participating in three interdisciplinary water resource management programs in the USA to propose five practices that academic institutions can adopt to effectively support interdisciplinary work. We focus on reforms that will support pr…