New eDNA work and website

There's a whole lot of eDNA work going on at WSU. With Caren Goldberg and her eDNA lab in the WSU School of the Environment, Kath Strickler and Alex Fremier have been awarded a new grant from the Department of Defense's Legacy Program. The grant will allow us to continue our work using eDNA to find new populations of the Arizona treefrog in southeastern Arizona. In addition to being quite possibly the cutest frog in Arizona, Arizona treefrogs in the Huachuca Mountains are under consideration for listing under the Endangered Species Act, so our work will have direct application for conservation of the species.

Another exciting part of the grant will be the creation of an eDNA website that will act as a primary source of information and tools for using eDNA in research and monitoring programs. The working title of this web-based toolkit is eDNA-KIT (in what may or may not be a nod to the artificially intelligent and incredibly helpful car of the Knight Rider series) and we plan to have a working prototype up and running by spring 2015. All eDNA all the time, eDNA-KIT will provide an interactive, comprehensive knowledge base for the snowballing number of researchers and practitioners seeking to use eDNA in their work.

Stay tuned for eDNA-KIT's URL...


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