Ecosystem Services Partnership Meeting in San Jose, Costa Rica

Good representation of lab and lab affiliates at the ESP meeting this year in San Jose, Costa Rica. 

Oscar gave a presentation on water provisioning services where he is comparing secondary forest to teak plantation water use efficiency to inform payment schemes for ecosystem services in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Oscar's work is going to have impact soon. Session title: Looking beyond PES: co-investment and institutional alternatives for ES provision at the landscape level

Alex gave a presentation on Aline's and his work looking at carbon fluxes in stream ecosystems. Aline measures stream metabolism in multiple paired stream reaches surrounded by sugarcane and secondary forests. She aims to quantify net primary production and respiration and argues for using stream metabolism as a metric for ecosystem services provisioning. Very cool stuff. Session title: Rural landscapes and ES in Tropical countries.

Fabrice DeClerk of Bioversity International presented work on using Ecosystem Services and a Resilience lens to improve poverty alleviation in developing nations. Fabrice and Alex, among others, will be submitting a publication on this framework soon. More to come from Ghana and Burkina Faso work in the Volta Basin.  Good news! Other links to this work: A comment on resilience metrics and our principles of ecosystem services and resilience.


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