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Todd Buxton and Tonina (UI-Boise) salmon research on InsideScience

Liza Mitchell and Rachel Hutchinson Present Masters Theses Proposals

Liza Mitchell presented her master's thesis proposal entitled "The isoscape of a wilderness watershed: How spawning salmon influence nutrient dynamics and isotopic values of aquatic biota"
Rachel Hutchinson presented her master's thesis proposal entitled "Community trajectory and phylogenetic response to non-native species removal"

Liza, Rachel, Todd and Alex attend AGU 2012!

Among many other University of Idaho students and faculty...

Buxton, Buffinton, Yager, Fremier and Hassan present at AGU 2012

The Influence of Salmonid Spawning on Grain Architecture, Critical Bed Shear Stress, and Bed Load Transport in Streams

Hegg, Kennedy and Fremier present at AGU 2012

Predicting 87Sr/86Sr in surface water using bedrock geology: Understanding geologic heterogeneity and scale to improve isoscapes and animal migration reconstruction

Cosens, Fremier and Boll present at AGU 2012

Adaptive Governance and Resilience: The Columbia River Basin