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Fremier and Hutchinson publish in Restoration Ecology

Viers, J. H., Fremier, A. K., Hutchinson, R. A., Quinn, J. F., Thorne, J. H. and Vaghti, M. G. 2012. Multiscale Patterns of Riparian Plant Diversity and Implications for Restoration. Restoration Ecology, 20: 160–169.

Francine Mejia presents a poster at Folsom, CA workshop

Peggy Lehman and Francine Mejia. 2012. Landsat imaging was an effective tool for characterizing turbidity in San Francisco Estuary. Poster presentation.  Interagency Ecological Program Workshop April 18-20. Folsom, CA.

Fremier and Juanita Lichthardt receive USFWS Grant

Basic ecology of Water Howellia (Howellia aquatilis) habitat requirements

Oscar Abelliera receives Graduate Fellowship from the U.S. Borlaug Fellow Program

Cat Wiechmann joins lab - Welcome Cat!